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1. Can the lens and filters be used with the case on iPhone?

Ans: All case must be removed before you could mount Inmacus lens and filters on the respective iPhone.

2. Is the rapid grip adaptor included with the kit?

Ans: Yes, the rapid grip adaptor of each iPhone lens and filter kit is included in the kit.

3. Can the rapid grip adaptor be used if I have tempered glass screen protector?

Ans: Yes, the rapid grip adaptor can be used with tempered glass screen protector in any thickness.

4. Do you ship to all countries and what is the mode of shipment?

Ans: We do ship to majority of the countries worldwide and the mode of shipment is through TNT.

5. Can the lens and the filters be used concurrently for the 18mm HD Lens & Filter Kit?

Ans: No, the lens and filters must be used individually, one at a time.

6. Will the rapid grip adaptor scratch my iPhone during mounting and dismounting?

Ans: The rapid grip adaptor incorporated a spring back mechanism (patent pending) which will adjust according to the different thickness of the iPhone. Therefore it would not scratch the surface of your lens.

7. Are Inmacus lens and filters made of optical glass or plastic?

Ans: All Inmacus lens and filters are made of optical glass that are grind and polished to produce the best image resolution.