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HD Vari Light Control Filter for iPhone 6/6s

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HD Vari Light Control Filter for iPhone 6/6s


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Product description :

  • Creates cloudy effect on running water
  • Variable control on light volume
  • ND2-ND400 (1-8 f/stop) Light Reduction
  • Wide range of aperture for depth of field control
  • Long exposure to create flowing and blur motion effects
  • Mount instantly with rapid grip adaptor
  • Require the use of apps for shutter speed control and use of tripod to prevent camera shake
  • Use of self timer is recommended
  • Includes Rapid Grip Adaptor, PRO microfiber optical cleaning cloth and soft filter pouch
VLC illustration 1

HD Variable Light Control Filter

Inmacus HD variable light reduction filter which reduces the amount of light entering the lens while maintaining high picture quality. Creates a shallow depth of field by allowing a bigger aperture (smaller f number) to be used in strong light environment to produce cloudy effect on water and prevent over-exposure. 

VLC illustration 2

Variable Light Adjustment

By reducing light volume within a range of 1-8 f/stops, contrast in pictures can be increased significantly and prevents picture washout. Turning to a higher ND (darker) will produce more cloudy effect, such as running water in a waterfall and also prevent over-exposure in extreme sunlight condition. 

VLC with adaptor

Rapid Grip Adaptor

The patent pending rapid grip adaptor offers a quick mounting that includes spring mechanism to accommodate screen protector in different thickness. The metal ring attachment on the adaptor also act to prevent the lens thread from worn out from daily usage. 

Technical Specifications

  • Density Control

    1 - 8 f/stop equivalent light reduction

  • ND Equivalent

    ND2 - ND400

  • Mechanical Construction

    Front rotating ring for varying light intensity adjustment

  • Mounting Diameter


  • Weight


  • Dimension

    12.2 x 35.9mm

  • Available Colors


  • Available For

    iPhone 6 and 6s